I am an actor and as such I promise:

    • to embrace a life-long study my art 
    • to respect and nurture my body, voice, mind, feelings and spirit, which are the instruments of my art. 
    • to always serve the story
    • to seek personal truth in every action
    • to open myself to my imagination without reserve or fear
    • to become expert in the world of each piece I have been chosen to inhabit
    • to respect my instincts and follow my impulses instantly, without judgment. For it is in the spontaneous heat of the moment that life is kindled
    • as it is my artistic home, to respect the work and always wipe my feet at the door, leaving it a better place than when I arrived
    • to approach my work with gratitude. Whether I am cast well or cast badly, I will deem it a privilege to be offered the opportunity to create
    • to establish and preserve an atmosphere of creativity in every rehearsal by quietly affirming the work of my colleagues
    • to rouse the spirit of ensemble by humbly respecting the writer, my colleagues, my director and all who have gathered to create
    • to accept my artistic struggles and failures without self-doubt, for success is not in the result, but rather in the value, the rightness, and the truth of the work itself
    • to receive my critics' disapproval without rancor, for they offer only an opinion of a small slice of time and do not know the journey of my heart
    • to honor my teachers and mentors and to always strive, in rehearsal and performance, to work in harmony with the high standards they have set before me
    • to always ‘love the art myself and not myself in the art'

With this vow, I dedicate myself to acting as an art and will celebrate these promises as I study, as I rehearse, as I play.

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